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MDT tips: enabling Bilocker and saving the recovery key in a file

Today is practically mandatory that the mobile devices we deploy have data-at-rest encryption. Microsoft’s Bitlocker is particularly useful for this purpose, assuming your endpoint has a TPM and Windows Professional. In a previous post, I have already posted a set of scripts (available here) to reset the TPM and now I’ll present a simple script that complements these.   Although… Read more →

BIOS configuration for Lenovo devices

Like most manufacturers, Lenovo provides several tools to automate the BIOS configuration and upgrade. However, apart from WMI interface, these tools require direct access to the device and can be different tools for different devices. Using WMI, not only you’re able access the device remotely but you also get a standard interface that you can leverage to centralize and standardize… Read more →

Apple Keyboard with Windows

Apple did a great job with Bootcamp, a tool that allows us to run Windows easily on Apple hardware. However, if you attempt to run Apple hardware or Apple peripherals on Windows systems, you usually end up a little puzzle to solve. Bootcamp was made for Macs, not PCs. In this post I’ll address the keyboard because I found it… Read more →